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Cyber security and network protection with cybersecurity expert working on secure access i

​​EPP (Endpoint Protection) — Powered by Elastic

Your Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems are protected with CyberTI® EPP. Block malware and stop ransomware before data is encrypted. Advanced dangers can be stopped via behaviour-based prevention.


The integration of advanced techniques like our Endpoint Protection platform ensures a fortified security perimeter for your systems, safeguarding them against a vast array of cyber adversities. Trust in CyberTI® EPP to maintain the resilience and safety of your endpoints, 24/7.

Enhanced security with detection and response


Incorporating Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) into our Endpoint Protection services elevates our protective capabilities. EDR actively monitors system activities, promptly identifying unusual patterns or behaviours that could indicate potential threats. When combined with our platform's inherent preventive measures, this integration offers a dual-layered approach. On one hand, it continuously observes and logs endpoint activities, and on the other, it swiftly takes action upon spotting anomalies. 


This combination results in a more resilient security posture, adeptly safeguarding against both known and emerging threats. With EDR in place, users can feel confident in the robustness of their digital defences provided by CyberTI®.


Experience advanced Endpoint Protection with CyberTI®

Fortify your cloud infrastructure with a comprehensive security framework. Beyond our Endpoint Protection platform, CyberTI® offers a diverse range of cloud monitoring services. Explore our suite, which includes Security Information and Event Management, Cloud Security Monitoring and Extended Detection and Response. Cloud security solutions from CyberTI® offer unmatched precision at competitive rates, ensuring your digital assets are optimally protected.

  • What is cloud security?
    Cloud security encompasses strategies and technologies that protect data, applications and infrastructures in cloud computing. It offers a holistic approach to defend against threats through effective cloud security management.
  • What are common threats to cloud security?
    Common threats include data breaches, inadequate access controls, account hijacking, insider threats and insecure interfaces. Proactive cyber security services for the cloud address these concerns.
  • What are the benefits of cloud security services?
    Cloud security services offer protection from breaches, ensure regulatory compliance, secure data transfers, minimise downtimes and facilitate effective risk management.
  • How does cloud security protect organisational data and assets?
    Cloud security implements layers of defence, including encryption, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Professional services offer expert monitoring and response mechanisms.
  • How is identity and access management handled in the cloud?
    It involves multi-factor authentication (MFA), stringent user access controls and continuous monitoring. Cloud security management tools allow real-time access adjustments and activity tracking.
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