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Cloud services (SaaS) – Powered by Elastic


Cloud Security Services

In the evolving digital landscape, businesses require resilient and agile solutions. CyberTI® leads with its cloud security services, offering real-time protection, comprehensive analysis and adaptability to emerging threats. With CyberTI®, businesses benefit from top-tier security services at competitive rates, affirming our commitment to excellence and to detect, defend and deter.


EPP (Endpoint Protection) — Powered by Elastic

Your Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems are protected with CyberTI® EPP. Block malware and stop ransomware before data is encrypted. Advanced dangers can be stopped via behaviour-based prevention.

In recent years, as businesses have increased the number of endpoints connected to their networks, the significance of endpoint protection has grown exponentially. Whether it's devices utilised for remote work, such as laptops and phones, or simply the workstations within the company, connected endpoints are now fundamental to nearly all operations. 


Recognising this trend, CyberTI® EPP acts as the first line of defence against potential threats, safeguarding these crucial entry points. CyberTI® EPP offers real-time protection, ensuring that malicious entities are intercepted before causing damage, allowing your organisation to operate smoothly.


EDR — Powered by Elastic

An endpoint security solution known as EDR consistently scans end-user devices for malware and ransomware to identify it and take appropriate action. EDR is characterized as a solution that monitors, records, and maintains endpoint-system-level activities, employs a variety of data analytics methods to identify suspicious system behaviour, offers relevant data, hinders malicious activity, and offers recommendations for corrective action to recover disrupted systems.

With CyberTI®'s Endpoint Detection and Response, be assured of a continuously vigilant system that works round the clock. This solution is engineered to adapt to emerging threats, ensuring a robust defence mechanism for your digital assets. A proactive approach combined with precise action makes CyberTI®'s EDR an essential tool for businesses aiming for steadfast security.

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XDR — Powered by Elastic

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology monitors and reduces the risks associated with cyber security needs. XDR promises to integrate several products into an integrated, unified platform for detecting and responding to security incidents. As a primary incident response tool, XDR evolved from Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. 

While EDR is more readily implemented into a security team’s existing toolset, XDR, with its advanced cloud security services, is far more effective at boosting teams’ ability to monitor, detect, and respond across the organisation's full attack surface. CyberTI™ Elastic XDR SaaS platform will allow you to take advantage of layered security.

By covering various devices, networks and cloud platforms, CyberTI® Elastic XDR positions itself as the leading edge in cloud security services. Its intuitive dashboard, coupled with insightful data, enables teams to swiftly counteract potential threats, ensuring an optimised defence for your digital assets.

SIEM — Powered by Elastic

CyberTI® SaaS SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a suite of tools that includes log management and monitoring features as well as:

  1. More than 350 CyberTI® custom detection rules.

  2. CyberTI® weekly rules update.

  3. Custom SIEM Use case on demand.

  4. Providing a centralized activity environment 

  5. Continually safeguarding your environment by using behaviour-based rules to identify potentially dangerous behaviours and tools.

  6. Analysing adversaries' behaviour and prioritize potential threats accordingly.

  7. Focusing on the most important threats with risk and severity scores.

  8. Detecting threats and attacks aligned with MITRE ATT&CK®

  9. Using anomaly detection powered by pre-built machine learning jobs to expose unknown threats.


Cloud Security Monitoring (CSM)

By having detailed visibility into your cloud posture, you can safeguard your cloud deployments. Get prevention, detection, and response capabilities in a single integrated solution to safeguard cloud workloads at runtime: 

• Identify cloud risk and posture
• Advance against runtime threats
• Combine your security platforms

Through our advanced tools and techniques, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their data and assets are shielded from potential threats. Our Cloud Security Monitoring platform is precisely designed to not only monitor but also actively manage security concerns. 


In an age where digital infrastructure is rapidly migrating to the cloud, ensuring robust cloud security management becomes an imperative, not an option. CyberTI® offers a suite of cloud cyber security services tailored to the unique requirements of modern businesses. 

  • What is cloud security?
    Cloud security encompasses strategies and technologies that protect data, applications and infrastructures in cloud computing. It offers a holistic approach to defend against threats through effective cloud security management.
  • What are common threats to cloud security?
    Common threats include data breaches, inadequate access controls, account hijacking, insider threats and insecure interfaces. Proactive cyber security services for the cloud address these concerns.
  • What are the benefits of cloud security services?
    Cloud security services offer protection from breaches, ensure regulatory compliance, secure data transfers, minimise downtimes and facilitate effective risk management.
  • How does cloud security protect organisational data and assets?
    Cloud security implements layers of defence, including encryption, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Professional services offer expert monitoring and response mechanisms.
  • How is identity and access management handled in the cloud?
    It involves multi-factor authentication (MFA), stringent user access controls and continuous monitoring. Cloud security management tools allow real-time access adjustments and activity tracking.
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