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Elastic Services

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Elastic general

Elastic Security Solution

Our team of Elastic Certified engineers and analysts can help you with:

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Elastic general services

  1. Setup Elasticsearch cluster - On-premise infrastructure (BareMetal, Virtual machine, Kubernetes)

  2. Tune Elasticsearch cluster (Cloud and On-premises)

  3. Troubleshoot Elasticsearch cluster health issue

  4. Extend On-premise Elasticsearch cluster

  5. Upgrade Elasticsearch cluster (Cloud and On-premise)

  6. Setup authentication and authorization using X-Pack in On-premise cluster

  7. Setup SAML in Elasticsearch cluster (Cloud and On-premise)

  8. Setup fleet server and configuring agent policies for elastic agent.

  9. Customized dashboards

  10. Customized integration

Elastic security services

    1. SIEM design and architecture
    2. SIEM auditing and coverage gap analysis
    3. SIEM and XDR tuning
    4. SIEM and XDR monitoring 24/7
    5. Machine learning detection and enhancement
    6. SIEM enrichment and case management

Elastic security
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