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Cloud Security Monitoring (CSM)

By having detailed visibility into your cloud posture, you can safeguard your cloud deployments with the CyberTI® cloud security monitoring solution. Get prevention, detection and response capabilities in a single integrated solution to safeguard cloud workloads at runtime. Here’s what you can expect from our cloud security monitoring tools: 


  • Identify cloud risk and posture

  • Advance against runtime threats

  • Combine your security platforms


​Through our advanced cloud security monitoring tools and techniques, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their data and assets are shielded from potential threats. Our Cloud Security Monitoring platform is precisely designed to not only monitor but also actively manage security concerns. 

Modern solutions designed for modern businesses

Many industries have specific regulatory requirements regarding data security and privacy. The CyberTI® cloud security monitoring platform helps businesses adhere to these regulations by providing visibility into security controls and generating audit trails for compliance reporting.


In an age where digital infrastructure is rapidly migrating to the cloud, ensuring robust cloud security management becomes an imperative, not an option. CyberTI® offers a suite of cloud cyber security services tailored to the unique requirements of modern businesses. Learn more about the CyberTI® cloud security monitoring tools by contacting a member of our team today, or explore our other cybersecurity platforms, including EDR and XDR

  • What is cloud security?
    Cloud security encompasses strategies and technologies that protect data, applications and infrastructures in cloud computing. It offers a holistic approach to defend against threats through effective cloud security management.
  • What are common threats to cloud security?
    Common threats include data breaches, inadequate access controls, account hijacking, insider threats and insecure interfaces. Proactive cyber security services for the cloud address these concerns.
  • What are the benefits of cloud security services?
    Cloud security services offer protection from breaches, ensure regulatory compliance, secure data transfers, minimise downtimes and facilitate effective risk management.
  • How does cloud security protect organisational data and assets?
    Cloud security implements layers of defence, including encryption, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Professional services offer expert monitoring and response mechanisms.
  • How is identity and access management handled in the cloud?
    It involves multi-factor authentication (MFA), stringent user access controls and continuous monitoring. Cloud security management tools allow real-time access adjustments and activity tracking.
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